FDA Targets New Dietary Ingredients in Upcoming Guidelines

The government is now one-step closer to taking away your supplements. It started off with some quiet rumors that weren’t taken all that seriously, but have been getting louder and louder of late. This entered a completely new phase when the United Stated Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed the rumors that they intend to issue a new set of guidelines to regulate certain natural supplements, vitamins and other products. These are items that they term “new dietary ingredients,” or NDI for short, in all available products. All products on the market are included.

Well, That’s Not So Bad, Right?

Let this sink in. Any ingredient the FDA decides is either harmful or unscientific can be removed from the market. As an example: You’re taking a supplement for joint pain. You are having success with this product and are very happy not resorting to prescription medications for fear of side effects and a desire to stay away from chemicals whenever possible. Along comes the FDA who decides that the supplement you are taking with success is not, in their eyes, scientific. Where does that leave you?

A little history on the matter: In 1994, Congress passed something called the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act” affectionately know as DSHEA. Any ingredient introduced after this date is considered by the government to be a “new ingredient.” If these new regulations are put into action, the FDA would have the authority to deem these NDI’s unregulated drugs and pull them from the market. Do you want the FDA making these health choices for you?

You may ask who could benefit from this? At this stage, it’s hard to say exactly what form these regulations could take, but critics fear that this new direction in policy could open up loopholes that pharmaceutical companies could use to make a claim on these NDI’s and turn them into high priced prescription drugs.

How Soon Will This Happen?

It’s hard to say when, or even if these guidelines will be put in place. What is important at this time is that if you value your ability to make your own choices with respect to your health, you should be aware that these new guidelines would have a definite impact on your life and your well-being. Consider the amount of vitamin supplementation recommended for a pregnant mother these days and ask yourself if you want the FDA making choices for you.

If you’re against the new guidelines being suggested by the FDA for “New Dietary Ingredients,” make your voice heard by signing this petition at the Alliance for Natural Health.

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