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Acai Clinical Studies

On clinical research and studies for Acai
On clinical research and studies for Acai

Acai Does it All! But Really?

The claims made by supplement sales folk have really pushed the envelope -- even for an industry known for this. I know it will come as no surprise to you that superfruit Acai doesn't actually do all of the things that have been claimed. Does this mean it makes no sense to use Acai? In truth, the Acai berry is actually a pretty amazing addition to your daily diet. Packed full of more anti-oxidants than any other food available, Acai berries have been reported to improve your immune system, boost energy levels, and increase your metabolism. Add to this the fact that studies have shown that Acai can aid in weight loss and you have the reason behind the recent aggressive marketing (and over-marketing) of this product. Many Acai-based products have popped up on the internet and on your local supermarket and pharmacy shelves.

15 Dec. 2011 Posted by sofyan in HCG Research, HCG Studies, HCG Results, Research

Understanding HcG Research

You'll hear from many professionals that HCG is a completely certified and proven weightloss product. This is true, to the degree that it is, recent surveys completed in the recent past show a number of medical experts agreeing that the usage of HCG in supervised cases can be beneficial to a successful weight loss program. However, it must be understood that these findings relate to the regimen given to people in the presence of their physician and administered through a shot. This is NOT the same product that you can buy online or in other ways.

Benefit of Slendesta Clinical studies

Slendesta® is a weight loss supplement that has garnered increasing levels of attention in the media. It is widely believed to one of the best appetite suppressants available and it is one of the very few to be backed by clinical research. Very few people are aware of how Slendesta works as a weight loss supplement. The Slendesta Clinical studies demonstrated the safety of use and the effectiveness is weight loss of the study's subjects.