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Slim Fast Diet

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Diet Spotlight: Slim-Fast Diet

Slim-Fast Diet Success
Slim-Fast Diet Success

Shake It, Baby!

Who hasn’t heard of the Slim-Fast® Diet? I’m sure you pretty much know how it works, too. A time or two a day, trade eating for one of those delicious, nutritious shakes from the grocery store. Pretty simple, right? And let’s face it, simple is a good thing if you’re coming up with a plan that you will stick to. But how effective is this Slim-Fast@reg; thing?

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About the Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast diet is centered around the Slim-Fast family of powdered shakes. It's fairly straightforward: Just mix powder with a glass of skim milk and drink it in place of two meals each day.

Is this a diet for you? Let’s take a look at the Slim Fast diet: Pros and Cons.

When Slim Fast first came on the scene, it had three varieties of shakes: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The diet consisted of substituting these shakes for breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, while at the same time adding 600 calories to the one meal you would actually consume that day.