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Lemonade Diet Plan

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20 Dec. 2011 Posted by xsamxadoo in Lemonade Diet, Lemonade Diet Plan, Lemonade Diet for weight loss, Diets

Diet Spotlight: The Lemonade Diet

Following the Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet
Following the Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet

What is the Lemonade Diet?

The Master Cleanse Diet, commonly and sometimes lovingly referred to as the Lemonade Diet, sounds like one of those ultra-modern diets invented last week by a fashion magazine. Actually, the diet was originally written about by Stanley Burroughs in his classic 1940s publication “The Master Cleanser.” While it has been around this long, it has recently come into fashion with people searching the ‘net for a new fast way to drop a few pounds. It is important to realize that this diet is not intended as a long-term diet solution. This is instead, as the proper name implies, a way to cleanse your system and in the process you’ll lose some weight along the way.