Just Call it Jenny

Jenny Craig is a very popular weight loss program founded in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney. Fast forward from their early days in Melbourne Australia to today where Jenny Craig, Inc. has over 650 locations in North America plus they have other locations in 4 other countries around the world. The company is currently headquartered in Carlsbad, California as part of Nestle Nutrition where they have been since 2006.

I Found Success with Jenny

The Jenny Craig program boasts numerous success stories. They offer both “In-Centre” and “At Home” options. The 650 locations in North America makes it very convenient for face-to-face interaction with a Jenny consultant as well as gaining support from others with the same goals of achieving weight loss. The ubiquity of these locations also makes it convenient to pick up the Jenny Craig meals which are a mainstay of the program. Jenny’s Cuisine® is all about healthy food options in a portion controlled strategy.

Jenny has 3 programs offerings: Jenny-Set-Go, Premium Success or Metabolic Max. All of these programs are designed to help teach portion control, increase physical activity and have a positive mental perspective about healthy lifestyle changes. Jenny has specialized programs and meal plans for men and women of all sizes as well as people with diabetes and seniors.

Stop Worrying About What You Eat

Jenny Craig strives to help you make better eating decisions. They have formed a lot of their program around this philosophy. Jenny will deliver meals direct to their customer’s door, design and provide food for specific meal plans. Jenny even provides a personal consultant to speak with every week over the telephone.

Jenny’s programs are designed to help their customers to eat healthy smaller portions and become more physically active. Each person enters at a different starting point. Their consultants understand this and they custom design a program for each individual. Their goal is for their customers to continually become more and more active.

Jenny’s Cuisine® makes up 3 meals and one snack per day. The Jenny intention is to train their customers to gradually be able to create their own meals on the same basis as the Jenny’s Cuisine meals which emphasize healthy foods in smaller portions.

It Worked for Them…

Whether you buy into the celebrity angle of a diet program or not, you have to admit, Jenny Craig thinks it will bring you over to their side! Jenny Craig has used multiple celebrity personalities over the years to promote their products. In 2000, Jenny used Monica Lewinsky as a spokeswoman, somewhat controversially. You probably also remember Kirstie Alley, Valerie Bertinelli, Queen Latifah, Sara Rue and even Jason Alexander telling their success stories on Jenny.

Not Just Eating

The Jenny program understands the importance of more physical activity and the psychological motivators for people to want to be more physically active as well as ways for people to easily become more active.

The Jenny Craig program makes a lot of sense for those needing help with understanding nutrition, coaching to help achieve healthy lifestyle changes and support and counseling as required.

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