Shake It, Baby!

Who hasn’t heard of the Slim-Fast® Diet? I’m sure you pretty much know how it works, too. A time or two a day, trade eating for one of those delicious, nutritious shakes from the grocery store. Pretty simple, right? And let’s face it, simple is a good thing if you’re coming up with a plan that you will stick to. But how effective is this Slim-Fast@reg; thing?

All Shakes are not Created Equal

Losing weight with food for shake replacement doesn’t mean you can go to McDonald’s and slurp down a couple delicious vanilla milkshakes a day. If you decide to challenge this theory, please let us know how you fare.

What exactly is in a Slim-Fast® shake? It’s pretty simple actually. The original shakes came in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry varieties and were simply low calorie beverages with a bunch of vitamins added in. They were low in fat and cholesterol (around 3 and 5 grams respectively.)

What’s better is you could have an entire meal that would only cost you 220 calories. Not bad.

Who Cares About Carbs?

The answer to this question these days is everyone! You can’t find a diet, plan or nutritionist that isn’t ranting about the evil carbohydrates that are making us all fat. Like most diet and supplement companies in the early 2000s, Slim-Fast® was caught completely off guard by this craze. It got so bad for them that they dropped 21% in sales in a single year! Ouch.

Slim-Fast eventually came around to this idea and released a low-carb version of their shakes in 2004 under the name Optima. This is now their flagship line and most likely the one you will try if you’re planning to give these shakes a try.

Get to the Point. Does it Work?

In a nutshell, sure it does. Depending on who you talk to, Slim-Fast® may or may not have too much sugar that will cause a bit of a crash and burn after your ‘meal’. This seems to hit certain people more than others. If you do stick to the program, you’re likely to see results. It’s a calorie game, this weight loss thing, so if you’re cutting out meals and replacing them with fewer calories, you’re going to have some success. This is also a very easy diet to follow, so if you’re not a fan of studying books and blogs, this might be a good option for you.

When it Doesn’t Work

I have a really close friend of mine who will remain nameless who has been on the Slim-Fast® plan for as long as I can remember. To put it kindly, she’s a big girl. Her problem is that she doesn’t seem to get the replacement in the meal replacement part of the plan. She’ll sit down to lunch with a bacon cheeseburger, small salad and a Slim-Fast® shake. So basically she’s just adding 500 calories a day to her diet.

If you’re the type of person that has a tough time skipping a meal, this will not be an effective strategy for you. You will need to go long stretches of time subsisting on nothing more than these shakes. On the flipside, many people who have been on this plan or long periods of time – even indefinitely – find that there is enough nourishment in them that they don’t get hungry in between meals.

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