Slendesta® is a weight loss supplement that has garnered increasing levels of attention in the media. It is widely believed to one of the best appetite suppressants available and it is one of the very few to be backed by clinical research. Very few people are aware of how Slendesta works as a weight loss supplement. The Slendesta Clinical studies demonstrated the safety of use and the effectiveness is weight loss of the study’s subjects. This article is intended to provide information about the study results so that consumers can make informed decisions about the weight loss supplements they choose. We will discuss the way that a Slendesta weight loss pill works and explain how you can use this diet pill safely and effectively to attain your weight loss goals.

Clinical trials of the active ingredient in Slendesta, called PI2, indicate that it is free from side effects, has no stimulant properties, and is an effective appetite suppressant. Slendesta is a brand name for a protein that is extracted from common white potatoes. The protein, called PI2, is the reason why eating potatoes makes you feel so full. This extracted potato protein stimulates your body’s natural trigger system for feelings of fullness and satiety, helping you to feel full more quickly and to maintain a feeling of satiety between meals. Slendesta Clinical studies may be that holy grail of weight loss supplements: a diet pill that works and is free from side effects. Clinical trials have found no adverse effects beyond that of placebo, and have confirmed that adults taking PI2 supplements lose more weight more easily than adults on similar diets who are not taking the supplements. Because the only effect of PI2-containing weight loss supplements is reduced appetite, it is suitable for use with any type of weight loss program.

With a simple low calorie diet, for example, it is easy to imagine the benefit of a weight loss supplement that reduces hunger because you know you will be eating less. Therefore, anything that reduces your appetite will be a welcome relief from the inevitable hunger pangs you will experience. Previously, the only appetite suppressants available were stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, and ephedra. Such supplements come with a host of side effects such as sleeplessness, anxiety, even heart attack or stroke.

For other weight loss diet systems the benefit of PI2 may not be as immediately clear. With a low fat diet, you are probably instructed to reduce your overall caloric intake as well, but the main focus is on reducing your dietary fat consumption. The problem with this is that fat is a highly satiating food: it makes you feel full. So when you are eating less of it, you will feel less satisfied after each meal. The compulsion to snack can be extremely powerful on a low fat diet. With a low carb diet the situation is different. Because protein and fat are so filling, many people naturally reduce their caloric intake when they start eating these macro-nutrients exclusively. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people find themselves feeling famished, loading up their plates with thousands of calories worth of calorically dense eggs, steaks, nuts, and cheeses and so failing to lose weight.

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