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The Benefits of African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

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For individuals who incorporate high cholesterol diet solutions in order to maintain a healthy heart may also opt to try weight loss supplements which carry the Irvingia gabonensis ingredient. This is ideal for those who find themselves continuously struggling with their weight and would like to shed some pounds for obvious health and appearance reasons.

Although African Mango (Irvingia) is a comparatively new ingredient in the western culture, studies do show that as a weight loss supplement, it is relatively safe and highly effective. This is particularly true when it comes to weight management and enhancing a person’s overall health and well-being.

In western and central Africa, Irvingia gabonensis is more commonly known as the bush mango or the wild mango tree which is highly prized for its dika nuts and yellow edible fruits for more than 2 centuries. Currently, this West African tree is now being recognized for its seed extracts due to its nutritional value and medical benefits which help improve a person’s overall health condition. Irvingia contains a high volume of fiber and is high in healthy fats just like most seeds and nuts.

To date, studies have shown that one can lose weight fast with Irvingia gabonensis. This is because it is highly beneficial in weight loss and in reducing abdominal fat while helping a person improve their circulatory health. It also helps in lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Furthermore, Irvingia is known to promote an increase in HDL or good cholesterol.

Clinical trials and research have shown that this soluble fiber is an effective and powerful weight loss aid which has the ability to suppress a person’s appetite helping to reduce body weight and body fat. A recent study showed the Irvingia group shed 28 pounds in 10 weeks compared to the placebo group that was basically unchanged.

Since Irvingia assists in the delay of emptying the stomach, it then allows the absorption of dietary sugars which helps in reducing the blood sugar or the blood glucose levels after eating. Other beneficial values of this soluble fiber include lowering a person’s LDL cholesterol and their overall cholesterol levels. In numerous cases, Irvingia also raises the HDL cholesterol levels due to its high fiber content.