Acai Does it All! But Really?

The claims made by supplement sales folk have really pushed the envelope — even for an industry known for this. I know it will come as no surprise to you that superfruit Acai doesn’t actually do all of the things that have been claimed. Does this mean it makes no sense to use Acai? In truth, the Acai berry is actually a pretty amazing addition to your daily diet. Packed full of more anti-oxidants than any other food available, Acai berries have been reported to improve your immune system, boost energy levels, and increase your metabolism. Add to this the fact that studies have shown that Acai can aid in weight loss and you have the reason behind the recent aggressive marketing (and over-marketing) of this product. Many Acai-based products have popped up on the internet and on your local supermarket and pharmacy shelves.

How do Acai Berries work?

The secret of Acai Berries comes from their nutrient rich makeup. With all of the powerful antioxidants and other essential nutrients, acai berries are able to help your body function the way it was always meant to. Some products take this process one step further by combining the benefits of acai berry extract with other essential nutrients to make a super potent weight loss formula. A common added ingredient is green tea extract(ECGC), another super food that has been proven in clinical studies to boost immune function and increase your metabolism.

During the past few months, Acai berry has been the talk of the town. Whether the topic is on colon cleansing, detoxification, antioxidants, as well as weight loss diets and regimens, this fruit is sure to be involved. Some found out that this fruit contains the highest antioxidant among all other sources, even higher than any other berry fruit. Countless customer reviews have show that when taken regularly it can have a postitive effect on weight loss, though not to the extent often advertised. In truth, further research and studies are needed to prove these claims conclusively. But products derived from this fruit are already advertised as a weight loss solution. It was found that it can help you lose weight due to the detoxifying effect since it cleanses your body, as well as the presence of very high amounts of fiber which can help regulate your bowel movement.

More Studies Needed

Other Acai Clinical Studies also claim that regular intake of this fruit can help in improving skin clarity and it can even result to a healthy and glowing skin. Furthermore, other research study results also show that high fruit concentrates can actually help in battling as well as killing cancer cells in the body. A study showed that when the concentrates were introduced to leukemia cancer cells, the antioxidants actually killed the cancer cells. But this type of treatment is not yet being used due to the need to do further studies if it is fit to be used in human cancer patients.